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Jan 30, 2015
2:17 pm
Jan 30, 2015
1:51 pm
Jan 30, 2015
1:02 pm
Jan 30, 2015
12:13 pm
Jan 30, 2015
12:02 pm

X Wonderlocke - a log run [Ongoing]

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 30, 2015, 2:28 AM
I decided to make another nuzlocke and I'm gonna document it!
Before yelling at me, calm down! XD This time I'm doing a log run and I'm gonna write all down in this journal. I always wanted to do a Wonderlocke and I never tried a log run. so.. I'm gonna try both! ^^
I'm gonna update this journal adding new stuff when needed


1) Faint = Dead. Release it
2) Catch only one pokemon per area (If the pokemon faints or run away, it'a a failed catch)
- Route 8 "mountain" beach are splitted. Caves areas and room are too)
- if you find a shiny, you may keep for yourself but not use it in battle
- No in-game trades
3) Wondertrade immediately all the pokemon you catch. Include gift pokemon (Starters, fossil, etc)
4) Doupe clause: if during the wondertrade you will get a pokemon you already have or used to have (include dead pokemon) wondertrade it again until you will get a pokemon that you don't have
5) If you'll get an high level pokemon, you must not use them in battle until beat or reach a certain gym (for example: I get a lv 30 pokemon at the begining. must not use it until I reach the third gym)


Badges won: 1

Team members
1) Kabuto [Gender: male | Ability: swift swim | Nature: Brave, Impetuos and silly ]
2) Skitty [ Nickname: MeowForMe!!! | Gender: female | Ability: Normalize | Nature: hardy, somewhat stubborn ]
3) Feebas [Gender: male | Ability: swift swim | Nature: calm, Highly curious ]  
:new: 4) Grimer [ Nickname: Sptoken | Gender: male | Ability: stench | Nature: Docile, Likes to thrash about ]
:new: 5) Squirtle [Gender: male | Ability: torrent | Nature: Quirky, Somewhat vain  ]

Temporaly Boxed
1) Golem [Gender: male | Ability: Sturdy | Nature: Sassy, Likes to thrash about ] lv58

1) Poochyena [Gender: male | Ability: run away | Nature: gentle, somewhat of a clown ] lv1-10

Wondertrades log
- [starter] Chespin <-> Kabuto (Lv20) [Boxed. Can be used after the first gym]
- Route 2: Weedle <-> Skitty (Lv10)
- Santalune forest: Failed catch
- Route 3: Azurill <-> Feebas (lv1)
- Route 22: Dunsarce <-> Poochyena (lv1)
- Route 4: Ralts <-> Graveler (Lv58) [Boxed. Can be used only when I will reach Snowbelle city]
:new:- Lumiose: Squirtle <-> Grimer (lv14)
:new:- Route 5: Furfrou <-> Squirtle (Lv1)

[Trust] Noland Vs Geist. Who will win? 

18 deviants said Geist
11 deviants said No one (They're gonna draw)
10 deviants said Noland


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