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Edit: I've Completly changed the theme of Theme 1. Check it out!


As you saw by the drawing I've made, today It's Trust second anniversary!
other than a drawing I've decide to make even a contest for celebrate it ^^

The contest has two themes where in one of them, even writers can Join.
Also for the drawings, I won't judge the quality of the drawing, so don't worry if you're not good at drawing. Also there will be a winner for each theme ^^
Let's start!

- Theme 1 - [Only drawed entries. Comic entries are welcome, too]
Trust celebrates his second anniversary on the same day that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire got released. Since Trust and Oras are both Hoenn games, why don't mix them together?
Draw one (or more than one) characters of Trust involved with someone or something about ORAS!
Examples: Yami and Zinnia, Yami and Geist soaring the sky on Mega Latios and Mega Latias, Yami encountering Mega Rayquza, and a lot more!
You're free to draw whatever you want, but it has to be releated with Trust and ORAS together ^^

- Theme 2 - [Only written entries.]
Did you wonder what happend offscreen during timeskip? In this theme you can write a One-shot of a offscreen moment that happened during the story
Here's the list of the scene that you can choose and write down:

1) Meanwhile, at the beach...
Chapter 5 was enterly dedicated to Yami and Geist, while the rest of the team was left for a couple hours at Slateport beach.
Draw an one shot of the team at the beach. They were having fun? they were relaxing? Sleeping? playing with other pokemon? What they were doing is up to you ^^
Chapter 5 team: Lio (Grovyle), Daraco (Mightyena), Saki (Beautfly), Sara (Taillow), Tobias (Shedinja) and Azrael (Zubat)

2) Catching an Electrike
Remember when Geist caught Fenny for Yami with the help of Sara, Saki and Azrael? (Mentioned it in page 80 and 86)
Write an One shot with Geist, Azrael (Wich was still a Golbat), Saki and Sara searching for a pokemon for yami and then find a female electricke.
Important: Fenny has static, and when she got caught she had Tackle, Thunder wave, leer and howl as moveset. She didn't have any damaging electric type moveset, yet.

3) Geist and Flannery chit-chat
Between page 104 and 105 there was a timeskip. In this timeskip, Flannery invited Geist at his house for a chit-chat.
Just write down of what they were talking about! Childood memories? About Yami? About how Flannery became the Gym leader? Al three together? Anthing else? Is up to you!

How to enter
Post your drawed/written entry and Submit it in the Contest folder.
Anybody can submit their entry there, even people that didn't join the group.
Remember: If you want to enter, you HAD to submit your contest entry BEFORE the deadline in the group folder, otherwise it wouldn't be count as a contest entry and it won't be judged

Each themes will have 3 winners (with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place), but the prizes will be the same for both themes.
There will be 4 prizes for each where the winner can choose them all, just one or a few of them. ^^

-1st place-
- A breed of one Trust team member from ORAS. (I'll breed the same species of your favourite team member in ORAS. It will have the same nickname, the same or similiar in-comic nature and characteristic, ability, gender and Yami as the OT Name. Also the egg will be hatched in the same place where I caught that pokemon in the emerald Nuzlocke)
- 50 Points
- A drawing request (Will be shaded with background)
- Cameo of your nuzlocke OC in Trust (Will interact with Yami or Geist during a whole scene)

-2nd place-
- A breed of one Trust team member from ORAS. (I won't write/copy the whole thing again)
- 25 Points
- A drawing request (Will be shaded. No background)
- Cameo of your nuzlocke OC in Trust (Will interact with Yami or Geist in a few panels of a page)

-3rd place-
- A breed of one Trust team member from ORAS. (Look up for details)
- 10 Points
- A drawing request (Will be flat colored. No background)
- Cameo of your nuzlocke OC in Trust (Will show up and say something in one or two panels without interact directly )

Of course, there will be some little consolation prize for people that didn't placed ^^

Extra Prize: If your off-screen scene will be placed 1st, the offscreen scene will become Canon! That's mean that will became an official off-screen scene happened during the comic. I will also draw it as an extra chapter that will show your scene (Of course I will credit you)

- you can submit more than one entry.
- You can do both themes
- No sexual content and nudity.
- Even a drawing with the whole scene written in the descrioption will be considered a wirtten entry
- remember to submit your entry in the contest folder
- Written ad comic entries must be Oneshot.

The contest will be closed in January 15, 2015


Thant's all. Have fun!
If you have question about the contest, just Ask ^^

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